Started and built multiple companies, served in C-level and  top management roles in Europe and North America



Authored hundreds

of peer-reviewed publications, and

are inventors on

dozens of patents

Dalriada’s TURN-KEY      Drug Discovery model is fundamentally built on the unique expertise brought under one roof that allows for most rapid value building in today’s pharmaceutical industry.

Our team equally understands science and business to allow for a seamless collaborative work with any partner.


Worked in leadership
R&D and business roles
in Big Pharma, including GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Vertex and Sanofi, advancing multiple compounds to preclinical development, clinical trials, and to market




Headed programs and investments that were sold
in > $1 B deals to
big Pharma




We rapidly source project-specific

expertise and

KOLs worldwide

through our network



Successfully raised 
VC capital, and led investments into multiple European and North American companies that were sold or went public



 R&D team 

Multidisciplinary team of medicinal and bioanalytical chemists, biologists and biochemists work in perfectly coordinated teams. Scientific team trained on patent law by a top US law firm. A perfect blend of industry experts and fresh out of academia innovators


 the business 

Headed >10,000

people operations

and spearheaded multiple >$100 M initiative in pharma, industry, 




Whether you are a specialist in synthetic methodology or a generalist in drug discovery, at Dalriada you will get a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an exciting career of drug  discovery and innovate alongside start-ups and multi-billion dollar companies.

We are equally open to interviewing
top-notch industry experts and recent graduates who are passionate about drug discovery and the pharmaceutical industry.

Bioanalytical chemistry

Synthetic chemistry

and Biophysics

Cell and molecular



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