One-stop, ‘boutique’ CRO experience customized for every client and project 

Drug Discovery and preclinical development CRO


Full spectrum of R&D services to advance a drug candidate to IND enabling studies

Integrated IP Support



  • Rational drug design

  • Computational modeling

  • In-silico screening

  • DFT calculations

  • Hit ID

  • Hit-to-Lead

  • Lead optimization

  • StarDrop™ QSAR analysis

Target Expertise

  • Targeted covalent inhibitors

  • Protein-protein interaction inhibitors

  • Kinase inhibitors

  • Enzyme inhibitors

Medicinal Chemistry

We offer medicinal chemistry support for a wide range of molecular targets and projects of all stages, from early discovery to late-stage lead optimization. 


Equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation we offer rapid synthesis on mg to gram scale with exceptional compound purity and complete analytical characterization


  • Libraries (mg)

  • Scale-up (g)

  • Peptide synthesis (mg)

  • Microwave-assisted synthesis

  • Automated chromatography

  • Preparative HPLC

  • Online inventory, barcoded


  • NMR (1H, 13C, 19F)

  • Analytical HPLC

  • LC-MS/MS

  • Elemental Analysis

  • IR


in vitro target screening

We offer fully customizable assays development to enable the SAR efforts of your drug discovery projects (IC50, KD, Ki)

and provide detailed kinetic and thermodynamic characterization for the lead compounds. 


  • SPR (automated, microplate format)

  • ITC (automated, microplate format)

  • NMR binding studies

  • LC-MS/MS

  • Fluorescence-coupled assays

  • Fluorescence polarization

  • Thermal shift assays

  • Custom assays

  • Enzymatic assays

Complementary Services

  • Custom protein expression

  • Protein mutagenesis and labeling

  • Protein-ligand co-crystallization 


Cell biology

We offer a wide range of cellular and molecular biology assays to enable the phenotypic SAR and to characterize the molecular pathways affected by the drug candidates. 



  • Cell-based functional screens

  • Cell viability and proliferation

  • >70 cancer and normal cell lines in-house

  • Custom phenotypic assays

  • Immuno-assays (Western, ELISA)

  • RT-PCR

  • Flow Cytometry

  • Microplate readers

  • HT Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Confocal Microscopy

  • Fluorescence-coupled thermal cyclers



We conduct all essential in vitro and in vivo PK, ADME, and toxicity studies to support your drug discovery project. Your package will be customized to suit the unique needs of your project and its stage of development.  

In vitro

In vivo

  • Custom package to de-risk your project through “screening”-mode studies

  • Metabolic stability studies

  • Met-ID

  • Cell permeability

  • In vitro toxicity

  • Study design

  • Formulation development

  • Species selection

  • Bio-distribution studies

  • Administration route: IP/PO/IV

  • Acute and sub-chronic toxicity

  • Maximum tolerated dose studies


preclinical models

Your preclinical study will be designed by us and performed in-house or at one of our academic or industrial partners at a discounted rate.

Efficacy Studies

  • Study design

  • Identification of the standard of care

  • Formulation development

  • Primary patient samples

  • In vivo models

  • Direct access to primary and refractory tumour banks

  • Expertise in blood and brain cancer models


IP support

Our commercialization team will work hand-in-hand with the R&D team to evaluate the patent landscape and tailor the design of the library to strengthen the composition of matter claims of your patent application. 


  • Evaluation of the patent landscape

  • IP strategy development

  • Med Chem customization to address IP needs

  • Drafting of patent application

  • Freedom to operate

  • Filing of patent applications

  • Research agreements

  • Top patent law firm

  • Reduced rates from our partner firm


Working with the client

We strive to maximize the value of our services for every client by providing unparalleled consulting support throughout the whole project. Streamlined real-time progress reports and a “due diligence” quality data room ready to off-load at any time.

Our practices and tools

  • Extensive consulting prior to project initiation

  • Direct contact with lead scientists during the project

  • Electronic notebooks (Scilligence™)

  • Accessible to clients in real time

  • Electronic compound registration system

  • Secure, cloud-based data room

  • Barcoded libraries

  • Effective and timely project reports

Compound Flash Cards

Custom SAR Reports


Value to the client


  • Boutique experience – custom solutions to suit the unique needs of your project

  • One-stop’ integrated drug discovery and development

  • Expert scientific team

  • Premium quality services

  • Integrated IP support

  • Electronic real-time updated notebook shareable with the client

  • Flexible FTE or project-based services

  • Highly competitive rates

  • Convenient EST time zone