Dalriada Celebrates Five Years

Dalriada Drug Discovery is proud to celebrate it’s fifth anniversary. This is a significant milestone for our company which has been built by people passionate about finding better, more efficient ways to discover and develop small molecule therapies.

Purpose-built integrated drug discovery right from the start

In 2017, Dalriada launched with a Turn-Key™ operational model to offer the global biotechnology industry a full suite of drug discovery, preclinical development, intellectual property, and business expertise to manage and execute tailored R&D programs from end-to-end and from concept to IND.

Today, we are proud to be Ontario’s largest privately held contract research organization in small molecule therapies.

World-class science

Dalriada has invested in building a world-leading drug discovery team of > 100 people (>70% PhD) specialized in all aspects of medicinal & computational chemistry, cell & molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry, ADME and proteomics. We are privileged to support global clients and partners in their drug discovery pursuits, across small molecule drug discovery.

Over the past five years, Dalriada has led integrated programs for public and venture capital-backed companies including Antibe Therapeutics, Janpix now a Centessa Company, atai Life Sciences’ Invyxis, OxcannTech, and Dunad Therapeutics. Dalriada’s work contributed to Dunad’s significant partnership with Novartis.

Word from our Founders

“We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing trust of our clients and partners and to our team for their exceptional contributions and collaborative spirit. We started Dalriada to provide the ultimate support for small molecule drug discovery programs. It was our belief that by creating cross-functional teams, custom-built for each project, and working together under one roof right from the start, we would bring improved value, efficiency, and better outcomes. Five years in and we have seen the immense value of our Turn-Key approach in advancing drug discovery.” Diana Kraskouskaya, Founder & CEO

“It’s been an incredible five years. We are very proud of Dalriada’s growth and innovation and look forward to expanding our leadership as a world-class contract research organization specialized in small molecule therapies both locally and globally.” Patrick Gunning, Founder and CSO