Dalriada Remains Operational During COVID-19: Series of Safety Measures Implemented

We hope that you and your families remain safe during these challenging times.

As COVID-19 continues to spread and impact global activities, we would like to inform you that, as an essential business in the province of Ontario, Dalriada remains fully operational and continues to support the important projects of our clients and partners. 

To prevent the further spread of the virus in the community, insulate and protect the health of our scientists while at the same time continuing to provide our clients with the best, uninterrupted and high-quality services, we have implemented the following procedures: 

1. We have cancelled all non-essential and business-related travel.

2. We have proactively put into place procedures that fully adhere to all of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations with respect to minimizing transmission by social distancing, avoiding public transit, providing flexible work arrangements for non-lab based personnel, and adhering to strict hygiene etiquette. 

3. Furthermore, our lab-based R&D operations have been restructured into four separate and non-overlapping shifts at two distinct locations as a further precaution. 

We are confident that Dalriada will continue to provide the highest quality service to help our clients maintain their business continuity during these unprecedented times. 

We will continue to provide updates as developments occur.  In the meantime, please stay safe.